Add minimum or maximum order amount to restricting/disable checkout/place order button based on WooCommerce payment gateways.

Use this plugin to set up the minimum or maximum order amounts for the WooCommerce payment gateways. You can force users to cart a specific amount (based on min or max amount) to use a specific payment gateway. For example: To use the Cash On Delivery payment gateway, you can set a minimum or maximum order amount for the users. If you set up an order limit for a specific payment gateway, the users won’t be able to place an order using that payment gateway until not match between the order limit and the cart sum.
Such as you can enable or disable the payment methods(
Cash on delivery, Check payment, Direct bank transfer, Paypal or Stripe) when the total order amount is lower than $xxx or higher than $xxx.
For a restaurant:
If you want to deliver the food based on a minimum or maximum amount of money,
you can force users to order a minimum or maximum amount of food.
Cash On Delivery:
If you don’t want to receive payment by ‘Cash On Delivery’ for a minimum or maximum order amount. Easily you can do it using this plugin.

  • Easy Customizable
  • Ajax Load
  • Changeable Currency Symbol
  • Changeable Currency Symbol Position
  • Translatable
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